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Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Won Outstanding Awards of Chinese Patents for Its Research Results

Date:2018-09-10 Source:SYRICI

Recently, Outstanding Award of Chinese Patents was conferred to the technology of “A method for preparing 2, 2-dibromo-2-cyanoacetamide by chlorine oxidation of sodium bromide mother liquor” (Patent No. ZL201010150452.X), which is a patent invented by Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry under Sinochem Group's SBU of Chemicals.

This patented technology proposed an approach to oxidize sodium bromide solution with chlorine to prepare 2, 2-dibromo-2-cyanoacetamide. This approach uses the mother solution that produces bronopol as the raw material and uses chlorine for in-situ oxidization of bromide to maximally make use of the scarce bromine resource and solve problems of low safety & purity, high cost and complicated process with traditional approaches that use hydrogen peroxide as the oxidizing agent. This production approach has mild reaction condition and is easy to control and operate. With a safe production process, it can also yield target products with higher purity and productivity. Meanwhile, the by- product- sodium chloride- can be recycled into the water recycling system with membrane method, accomplishing real clean production. This technology has already been adopted by Dow (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd and won the recognition of customer.

This patent also won Honorable Mention of the First Awards for Petroleum and Chemical Patents in China (Patent Award) by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association.