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Sinochem International and DIC Founded the Phase-crossing Membrane Joint Laboratory

Date:2018-09-04 Source:Sinochem Int'l

Sinochem International, a listed company controlled by Sinochem Group, and DIC Co., Ltd. co-founded the “SINOCHEM-DIC Phase-crossing Membrane Joint Laboratory”, which was unveiled in Shanghai on August 28. This lab will serve as the joint R&D platform of degassing membrane engineering equipment for both companies to promote the R&D of high-performance membrane materials and then the upgrade of China’s membrane industry. This is another important initiative of Sinochem International's investment into new material industry. 

Presently, the lab has devices and capabilities for 10-inch and 14-inch degassing membranes. Starting with this lab, Sinochem International's Innovation Center will gradually develop its footprint in other special membrane materials as an effort to build the engine for the development of the company's membrane business.

In the future, Sinochem International will continuously focus on research, development, production and application of high-performance membrane materials, make breakthroughs in the reverse osmosis membrane, and strive to achieve localization of high-quality reverse osmosis membrane products. Sinochem International will also gradually expand special film product family, such as degassing membranes, nanofiltration membranes, hybrid membranes, nanofiber membranes, etc. It will establish Sinochem membrane material industry platform in an all-round way, and create membrane material product brand characterized by “Made in China”.

Sinochem International sets “new energy, new materials and bio-industry” as the three major strategic directions. Apart from high-performance membrane materials, lithium battery materials, aramid fiber, high-strength polyethylene fiber and other high-performance fiber and composite materials are also prioritized sectors of Sinochem International in the area of new materials.