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FOTIC Has Launched China’s First Automated Securities Evaluation System

Date:2018-09-06 Source:FOTIC

On August 30, the Securities Trust Department of China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust Co., Ltd. (FOTIC), an affiliated company of Sinochem Group’s SBU of Finance, officially launched China’s first automated securities evaluation system, opening the Age 2.0 of corporate securities valuation business. 

This system enables 7*24 unmanned and automated operation and can improve the overall business efficiency by about 30% with its precise and efficient functions. With image identification and other new technologies, this system can auto-complete whole business process of “data receiving, valuation check, smart review and report sending”. It is also able to combine and integrate the data flow and capital flow of securities investment in real time based on preset business logic. The system can make smart reviews, automatically identify, classify and solve issues. It also supports a huge amount of capital and account sets.

After a dozen of years’ development, FOTIC is known for its innovation ability, normative management and high-quality services, as well as its growing AUM which has already become one of the company’s symbols. A stable and efficient operation and management system is the key to the development of securities business, and valuation check is the core of the operation and management system. In the face of new market and development landscape, FOTIC adheres to Sinochem Group's “In Science We Trust” idea and is constantly devoted to building a business engine centering around the new generation of information technologies and increasing the resource investment to establish a new generation of operation and service system which is safer, smarter, more stable and more efficient.