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The Best Chance to Put My Knowledge and Skills on Pesticide into Good Use

Date:2013-10-31 Source:Sinochem Int'l

By Shao Hua, Shi Wenxia, and Rick Goh

“It might as well say I was born and live in a family of agriculture as my father is a famous agronomist in India and still works as a consultant for many companies after his retirement.” Sanjay,Manager of the Indian Branch, Agrochemical Department of Sinochem International said confidently, “I chose pesticide as my major in college because of my strong interest in agriculture since childhood. This, of course, was largely influenced by my father.” Sanjay, looking like an intellectual, talked to me elegantly with strong academic accent. Most people who meet him for the first time might think that he is a university lecturer.

Before joining in Sinochem Group, Sanjay had worked in Monsanto for more than five years and then in Europe for pesticide R&D and sales. “Frankly speaking, I had never heard of this company before Ramil called me, telling me that the Agrochemical Department of Sinochem Group wanted to establish a branch in India.” Talking about this, Sanjay became excited. He thought it as a best chance for him to put his knowledge and skills on pesticide into good use. Soon after Ramil’s call, he made an appointment with Ramil to talk about the plan and vision of the Indian branch. He also wanted to take this chance to know the products of Sinochem International. “Thanks to good agrochemical products which I found here and valued most, I became so interested that I joined in the company immediately.”

Sanjay smiled to talk about his work, “Sinochem Group shows its consistent respects towards its employees. We always have open discussions during meetings where everyone can express his or her opinions freely. Indeed, I feel comfortable to work in such a friendly environment here.” So we can see he is satisfied with his current job and enjoys the working environment.

Sanjay spoke highly of his Chinese colleagues for their hard work and unyielding dedication. “I remember that the first time I went back to India with my boss to attend a meeting, my boss should have held the meeting in his hotel room! We had a really heated discussion there as everyone shared his or her ideas. In that meeting, I deeply felt the sincerity and wish of our leaders to provide better pesticide products for farmers. They are not only making agricultural products, they are also living up to social responsibilities.” His words reveal that Sanjay also regards the agrichemical business as his life-long pursuit. He has already taken Sinochem Group as his second home for which he works everyday tirelessly.

“My wife knows every member of the 60 regular employees in our Indian Branch of Sinochem Group. We are like a family. Some of our kind-hearted employees even accompany their colleague's wife  to see a doctor when her husband is too busy to go with her. We are a united team and everyone in the team helps each other.” Sanjay was quite proud when talking about his team as he has devoted himself to this company. In his eyes, the Indian branch is like his own child.

When asked about his Chinese colleagues in the Indian Branch, Sanjay had a lot to say. “They are all dedicated to and love their work so much that all of them have devoted a lot of time and energy to it. My Chinese colleagues are also hospitable, friendly and considerate. They even noticed my dietary habits and made thoughtful arrangement for me on this regard, for which I was moved deeply. With time passing by, they are not only my colleagues, but also become my good friends.”

“We only had three leading products when our Indian Branch was established in 2008, and now the number has jumped to 27 within such a short period of time thanks to the amazing growth rate of our branch. Our employees also have increased from 15 in 2008 to 60 by now. Though we may not grow at the fastest growth rate within the industry, we believe in our solid industrial foundations.”

“I have been to many places of China and I’m really fond of Chinese history and culture. But what impresses me most is its rapid development. If you don’t visit some place for only a few years, great changes will take place so that you can rarely recognize it. This is true of Shanghai. Every time I went to Shanghai, I was surprised by its changes and development, as if it changes with each passing day. So does Sinochem Group!”