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New Venture in Sinochem

Date:2013-10-28 Source:Sinochem Int'l

By Shao Hua Shi Wenxia and Rick Goh

"I have served for multiple banks and financial enterprises for more than 20 years. Yet, I felt it was dull and boring to be involved in one single field for such a long period. So, with summoned courage, I turned to Sinochem Group for a new venture.” said Nome Karine Lohouse, who now is CEO of Cote d'ivoire Branch of GMG under Sinochem International. The rich experience Nome had accumulated in financial sector has proved to be quite valuable for her work in Sinochem Group now. Within one year since she joined Sinochem Group, Nome embraced every challenge she met in Cote d'ivoire Branch of GMG with her never dampened enthusiasm and courage, as a new comer for Cote d'ivoire Branch of GMG.

“Sinochem Group is totally different from any of the financial institutions I once served for. Sinochem Group is so huge!” After coming to realize that Sinochem Group is a super-sized comprehensive enterprise mainly focusing on trade business with formidable operation establishments built around the world, Nome noted: “Sinochem Group has provided its staff with a great platform for career development and promotion. Young persons can find more opportunities here to realize their career ambition.”

When talking about her plan in Sinochem Group, she revealed that, in addition to fulfilling her duties, she also desired to make more contributions and create more value with her own hands and brain to the Group in the days to come. At the mention of her Chinese colleagues, she delivered a delightful smile: “People around me have their own strong points and valuable traits, from which I keep to learn. Work itself is also a process for study. To keep learning from our day-to-day work is also an indispensable skill every people should master in workplace.” The Chinese learning turned out to be her study subject after joining Sinochem Group. “Studying Chinese still remains a great challenge for me. After all, it is still a brand new language for me, though I’m proficient in English and French. Yet, I can not resist the temptation to study Chinese, as it is so fascinating and interesting.” At present, she only had a good command of such simple phrases like “thank you”, “goodbye”, but Nome was confident in her Chinese studying in the future.

As to the future of Sinochem Group in Africa, Nome believed “Sinochem Group will grow much stronger on African market with time passing by. Chinese government, enterprises and civil organizations alike bring tremendous investment to Africa each year. Not only seeing to manage their business well in Africa, many Chinese enterprises also take initiative to fulfill their social responsibility by building civil infrastructures like schools, hospitals, stations, health stations, and aid centers for local people, so as to improve their living standard. By doing so, Chinese investors also create many employment opportunities to help local people to make their ends meet”. It can be deduced that Nome was grateful for what China has done for African people.