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The First Report on Enterprise Social Responsibility of Sinochem Group

Date:2007-04-15 Source:CNR

Social responsibility of enterprises has become hot topic which is drawing public attention.  China Sinochem Group Corporation published the first report of social responsibility, and set up the target of social responsibility in five aspects, meanwhile, invited relevant experts and scholars from research institutes and media to establish a social responsibility committee.  With the help of external intellectuals, carry out sustainable and effective social responsibility under the supervision of the public and media. 

The chief of Sinochem Corporation addressed that Sinochem not only focuses on the interests of the country and shareholders but also focus on social interests and harmony between employees, customers, consumers and communities, as well as the nature.   Recent years, the annual profit of corporation is 30% on average, and paid tax totaling 29.5 Billion Yuan for the country, and regularly organized public welfare activities for agricultural service under the theme of “Send technology, service and fertilizer” all the year round, and made contribution to the new countryside of socialism construction.  They also organized charity activities to help poor people and disaster area, and also invested 25 million Yuan to help people in poverty to improve environment and working conditions for daily life.