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Sinochem Ensures Farmers Use High Quality Fertilizer

Date:2007-04-20 Source:People's Daily

Beijing, 20 April, By Yongping Zhao, reporter from People’s Daily] Recently, China Sinochem Group Corporation published the report on social responsibility, and it shows that the corporation supplies fertilizer in short distance for farmers through over 1300 self-established marketing centers in 22 main agricultural provinces, and the distribution network covers 80% of farmland nationwide, and ensures farmers use safe and highly efficient fertilizer.  Meanwhile, in order to improve farmers’ skill of fertilizing, the corporation established agricultural fertilizer service system over the vast countryside through marketing network of chemical fertilizer, and regularly organizes activities under the theme of send three treasures, “technology, fertilizer and services” to countryside all the year around,  and over 3 million farming families directly benefit from the service. 

In order to constantly improve the capacity of enterprise to implement social responsibility, recently, Sinochem Group Corporation established an enterprise social responsibility committee which consists of experts, scholars, media and internal personnel from the enterprise, and jointly guide the enterprise to implement social responsibility to  promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development of the enterprise.  The report on social responsibility shows that the annual fertilizer sales of the company was over 12million ton in 2006, and played an active role in stabilizing market supply and promote agricultural production; On the basis of providing agricultural fertilizing services, Sinochem also set up “Scientific Fertilizing Experimental Village” in main farmland areas in Heilongjiang, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, etc. and over 170 experimental villages have been established so far; The corporation made great contribution to environment protection, resource saving, etc.