Sinochem Group Launches a New Round of Poverty Alleviation and Sends First Donations to Linxi County and Ar-Horqin Banner in Inner Mongolia

Date:2013-04-09 Source:Sinochem Group

As Horinger and Qingshuihe counties in Inner Mongolia have successfully shaken off poverty, Sinochem Group actively implements the schedule for a new round of poverty alleviation according to the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. From 2013, the Group will carry out its poverty alleviation work in Linxi County and Ar-Horqin Banner in Chifeng Region of Inner Mongolia.

In mid-March, Sinochem Group launched the first internal donation in Beijing, and employees in the headquarters and from subsidiaries of the Group in Beijing took the lead in participating in the donation activity. They actively responded to the call of the Group and actively donated cultural and educational materials. Some warm-hearted employees contributed more than 150 and even 500 books for one time. Finally, 4,284 books, 1,339 toys and 22 computers were collected through the activity. Currently, the said materials have been transported to the local poverty alleviation office and scheduled to be sent to schools with the poorest conditions to help local children broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge.

Since 2002 when Sinochem Group began to help and support the two national impoverished counties, Horinger and Qingshuihe in Inner Mongolia, the Group has contributed RMB 33 million accumulatively over 10 years, which has been mainly used to support farming and animal husbandry, help with entire-village migration, improve cultural, educational and health facilities and infrastructure and assist local farmers in increasing income and achieving prosperity. As a result, the two counties have finally got rid of poverty. In the future, Sinochem Group will continue to adhere to the poverty alleviation guideline of “combination of intellectual investment and project investment”, actively assume social responsibilities as a central enterprise and help Linxi County and Ar-Horqin Banner achieve economic, social and cultural development in harmony.