Caring for Local People's Livelihood, Immersing itself in Exploring Africa’s Fertile Soil

Date:2015-02-12 Source:Sinochem Group

Natural rubber is kind of raw material of strategic importance, and is crucial for China’s national defense and security. Constrained by limited arable land for natural rubber, the scale effect cannot be reached in China. As a result, Sinochem Group responds actively to the “Going Global" strategy for state-owned enterprises proposed by the State Council. From 2008 to 2014, through its Singapore-listed subsidiary GMG, Sinochem International (a subsidiary of Sinochem Group) conducted a series of M&As and new projects in Africa. Nowadays, Sinochem International has over 80,000 hectares of land for natural rubber planting in Africa, with processing capacity reaching 680,000 tons.

Sinochem has a strong sense of responsibility for the environment and local communities, regards promoting environmental protection, social responsibility, and sustainable development as its obligation. As it achieves rapid development, it shares benefits with partners and helps fuel local economic development, improves local living standards, actively participates in social welfare programs, protects local environment, and is committed to promoting local social progress.

Harmonious Co-growth with Local Economy

Sinochem Group implements the business model of "localized international operation" by focusing on long-term development, investing in industrial sectors, adhering to win-win cooperation, and has been stimulating local economic growth.

Making strategic investment and promoting win-win cooperation. Sinochem International’s strategic investment in Africa is based on two “insists”: insists on investing in industrial sectors, and insists on seeking long-term development.

Promoting employment growth and achieving common prosperity. Thriving natural rubber planting and processing industry has created plenty of opportunities for local economic development and people's employment.

Harmonious Co-development with Local Communities

Sinochem International adheres to overseas community building guideline of "be kind to and be partners with neighbors", regards local community building as the starting point, blends with local communities for mutual benefit, and promotes balanced local economic, social and environmental development.

Caring for people's livelihood and conducting in-depth communication. Sinochem International actively participates in local community building activities, pays close attention to the improvement of local people's livelihood. Before beginning any project, it will incorporate local social welfare programs into the investment plan.

Co-building communities and seeking better life. Sinochem International always promotes local people’s livelihood and its own business at the same time. Measures taken include: providing jobs for many local people to solve the problem of subsistence, and then leading them onto the road to prosperity; building quality housing for surrounding villages to provide shelter; building hospitals to offer basic health care; building schools, churches in local communities to provide basic education for the children and teach them social and scientific knowledge; supplying water and electricity, and establishing vegetables-planting demonstration bases to teach local residents to plant upland rice and Chinese vegetables—this has offered more choices on local dining tables, and gradually improved necessary conditions for a better life.

Harmonious Co-existence with Local environment

Sinochem International has established a green recycling economy for natural rubber planting business. The company has set up primitive forest reserves to maintain the balance of forest ecosystems in the plantations; it has also highlighted EHS work to promote harmonious development between man and nature.

By helping build harmonious communities in Africa, Sinochem Group has promoted win-win cooperation among local government, residents and the company, and achieved coordinated development of enterprise earning, regional economy and social environment. The company has made positive contribution for China-Africa and China - ASEAN friendship, made huge social benefits, and become a model for Chinese enterprises "going global".

Cameroon Prime Minister Philemon Yang said that Sinochem is very welcomed to invest in Cameroon. “By investing in Cameroon,” he said, "Sinochem International has helped the government fulfill what we always wanted but unable to do."

Building on past glory and carrying future dreams, Sinochem Group will further strengthen communication with African stakeholders, immerse itself in exploring the fertile soil of Africa, so as to achieve win-win outcome with all stakeholders and to achieve sustainable common development.