Overseas Social Responsibility Case of Sinochem Group Wins the Best Practice Award for Global Compact Network China

Date:2015-02-13 Source:Sinochem Group

Recently, Sinochem Group received the “Best Practice Award for Promoting Social Development and Cooperation” during the selection activity held by Global Compact Network China (or the China Network for short) by virtue of a case study of its overseas social responsibility practices, titled “Caring for Local People's Livelihood, Immersing itself in Exploring Africa's Fertile Soil,” . The case study submitted in the name of Sinochem Group came from Sinochem International, a listed branch in which it holds a controlling interest. In fact, the case study summarizes the experience Sinochem International has gained in blending social responsibilities with business operations in Africa, including its experience in achieving a win-win situation in its cooperation with local partners, helping local peoples develop their economies and improve their standards of living, actively engaging in welfare-enhancing social programs, and protecting the natural environment.

As one of the earliest domestic companies to "go global," Sinochem Group has extended its reach to over 100 countries and regions around the world, sticking firmly to the principle of "maintaining harmonious relations with local communities at all times" in its effort to establish a presence overseas. In fact, the group has been actively participating in local efforts to build up communities in the country or region where any of its projects happens to be, with a view to achieving coordinated development for its business operation and local economy, society, and environment, and enhancing its overseas image as a socially responsible Chinese enterprise.

Sticking to the principle of "conform to the spirit of Global Compact and have the unique characteristic of Chinese enterprise as well as possess social influence and promotional value," during the selection process this time. The awards program brought together a group of experts to examine all the submissions made by the contestants. In the end, the panels of experts chose 25 winner case studies in 4 categories, namely “promoting social development and cooperation”, “caring for climate and environmental protection”, “social responsibility management and reporting”, and “labor employment and protection of the rights and interests”.  The 25 winners came from 25 member enterprises of the China Network. As the world's most influential initiative to encourage enterprises worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and to report on their implementation, the United Nations Global Compact serves as a major platform on which enterprises exchange experience in achieving sustainable development and fulfilling social responsibilities. The China Network, its local branch in China, has over 300 member enterprises.

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