Sinochem Launches Campaign to Deliver Series of Agricultural Service

Date:2014-04-15 Source:Sinochem

On April 2nd, Sinochem Group launched a public welfare agrochemical service project  in Yiyang, Hunan Province. Under the theme of “Sinochem's Care and Farmers' Dream”, the campaign is a series of comprehensive agrochemical service activities across the nation on the basis of its integrated, optimized and upgraded agrochemical service.

In addition to guaranteeing its daily provision of quality agricultural material products, Sinochem will conduct a series of public welfare activities to help, support and benefit farmers, including further promoting scientific way for fertilizer application, pushing new win-win mode among “seed and grain”market participants, advancing technical service to farmers, running "Field School for Farmers" and "Sinochem Plant Hospital", supporting the activities of cracking down on the fake agriculral materials to safeguard the right of farmers. The campaign is targeted to guide farmers to utilize fertilizer, seed and pesticides in a scientific and rational manner, help them solve problems in their agricultural production activities and learn advanced agricultural technology knowledge, so as to ensure increased agricultural output and promote healthy and sustainable agricultural development.

Han Gensheng, Vice President of Sinochem Group said, as the biggest enterprise with integrated operation for agricultural inputs like fertilizer, seed and pesticides, Sinochem has, during its services to farmers across the country, been deeply impressed by farmers’ strong desire to learn agricultural knowledge and to acquire access to agricultural know how. It was also noted by Mr. Han that along with China’s agriculture and countryside entry into a new development stage, the imperative task to build a modern agricultural sector featuring “high output, quality product, efficient operation, environmental friendly and safety” has imposed more demands on agricultural operation model, agricultural technology, and agricultural services. This campaign, Mr. Han believed, would do a great job to help farmers acquire badly-needed agricultural technology and help China to build a modern agricultural sector.

Mr. Han also emphasized that Sinochem Group should, based on the actual demand of China’s modernized agricultural development and the real situation of China’s countryside, make the best out of all internal and external resources by relying on all related business branches under its umbrella, as well as agricultural authorities, local governments, scientific and research institutes to make joint efforts to deliver better agricultural services to farmers. The group company was determined, as revealed by Han, to make the campaign as a public welfare brand highly recognized by farmers, and to make further contribution to China’s modernized agriculture.

At the present critical stage for spring ploughing and field management, Sinochem Group is making the good use of its comprehensive agricultural material distribution and service network which was vast enough to cover more than 95% of China’s cultivated fields, to guarantee the stable supply for basic agricultural material products like fertilizer, seed, pesticides in the nation, and deliver such badly-needed products to farmers across country through the group company’s superior distribution channels.